Das sagen unsere Schüler:

Here is what our students say:

“The German classes were an important tool to stay connected with colleagues and get integrated into the company while being new. The class is casual, but structured, that’s what I like especially. Everyone is welcome and stimulated to bring their own opinions, stories and share them with others. Lisa is a very patient teacher who explains everything into the tiniest detail. I enjoyed the classes very much!”

Nikola, Internal Events Specialist, relayr GmbH, March 2021

“As always, for me it’s a pleasure to join the class. If there would be lessons every day, I would join as well! What can I say, I’m very pleased and amazed with the progress.”

Jaime from Spain, Field Engineer, relayr GmbH, September 2019

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“What I specially love about learning German with Lisa is how easy going the class always is. It’s the kind of learning and progress that happens as you go without stressing out so much about it. When learning a new language it’s always hard to have the confidence to practise the language, however Lisa is always encouraging us to just simply try, even if we make mistakes!“

Sara from Egypt, Designer, Pixformance Sports GmbH, July 2018

„I have been taking German classes from Lisa for around 6 months now. I am currently at A1 level. Learning from her has given me the confidence to talk in Deutsch in public places and now I don’t feel any hesitation talking to people. She is very calm and has patience when it comes to teaching. Her way of teaching is very unique which helps us to grasp the concepts of the language faster.“

Gautam from India, Senior Frontend Developer, relayr GmbH, Juli 2018

„Over the past months I participated in various levels ranging from A2 to B2. Lisa has been amazing in helping me improve my German, and has always been open to adapt her teaching style to each individual. The courses feel highly personalized to our interests, motivating and interactive, and no matter how tired I am after a work day, Lisa keeps us in a good mood! I warmly recommend her!“

Maria from Romania, Account Manager, relayr GmbH, January 2017

Anisa is an excellent teacher. She knows each of her students very well by observing their speaking and answering. she is very thoughtful in her approach and always does repetition. She gets us to speak and she corrects our frequent mistakes appropriately, with a good balance of examples and explanation. We look forward to her class,eagerly waiting for games and exercises planned by her; she is truly outstanding.

Sravanthi from India, Senior Product Owner, relayr GmbH, Dezember 2019


“It’s been 2 months since I started to have classes with Anisa. She is always supportive, very motivating and responsive to our needs. She is bringing very good dynamics, which help us a lot to create experience and learn much more than in a traditional way.

I really recommend Anisa as a teacher! She is awesome! Everyone here in my company loves the dynamic she brought to our classes.”

Luis from Brasil, Agile Coach, relayr GmbH, November 2019

“I’ve been learning German for approx six months with Anisa and am now at A1.2.
Anisa is an incredibly encouraging and motivating teacher, who is always available to answer any questions I may have. I have a tendency to get frustrated when I don’t get things immediately, and Anisa’s positive energy and motivation has helped me to overcome this, and really learn the language in a positive and pleasant environment. I enjoy the classes with her very much and find her classes and teaching style insightful and interesting.”

Alyce from Australia, Sales Operations Manager, relayr GmbH, November 2019

„We have been working with Lisa for over a year now and are very happy with our partnership. Lisa is knowledgeable and has a lot of experience in adult learning. While attending German classes with Lisa our employees were able to significantly improve their German language skills and learn the language from scratch too. Lisa is flexible and friendly and we greatly appreciate and value her work.“

Tamta Gogitidze, Human Resources Generalist bei relayr GmbH, Januar 2017